Supporting the heroes on the frontlines!

Our mission

Our nonprofit is built on the slogan of, “Supporting the heroes on the frontlines!”  We believe that our protectors here at home and overseas deserve every opportunity to stay alert and be able to decompress when the time warrants it.  If there is a way for us to help, we will make it happen!

Our vision

Our vision is to connect all military, veterans, first responders and their families through gaming and build a cohesive community where support and connections are developed.


Committed to help

Our entire HQ team is made up of volunteers resulting in 100% of donations go directly to our programs!


our community

While most of our community is military, first responders and their families, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join!

Have a question? Send us a message.

How can we help you?

Reinforcement crates

We tailor every crate to what the individual or unit needs to help keep them productive and have some downtime. 

Bill Pay

For Service Members transitioning back into civilian life or First Responders who need a little extra help.

Rally Points

Rally Points allow those who have gone through similar scenarios a place to talk and work through problems they may have.

Hero Trips

The opportunity to bring selected members to our events throughout the country that they may otherwise cannot attend.

Stream Team

Gives members the chance to stream on the Official UG channel to bring awareness to our cause and fundraising events.